for our future

We educate, promote and connect the world's most influential organisations, to rewild our planet.

We incorporate all 3 aspects to deliver
impactful services for your organisation or business.

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the Planet

Ecosystems, like cities, depend on an interdependent balance of relationships, known as symbiosis. Messing up this balance has widespread consequences. Earth, our largest ecosystem, is experiencing such an imbalance. And whether we like it or not, we rely on this ecosystem.

The message is clear:
Without action, natural ecosystems will continue to decline, impacting both our health and economies.

  • treesistance
    treesistance "Niek is a big picture thinker, who goes above and beyond in his quest for excellence. He is motivated, enthusiastic and result driven but retains humbleness, sincerity, and empathy in his approach. For Treesistance, he has been a wonderful ally and been integral to the success of numerous collaborations from initiation, relationship development to implementation."
    Tom Wheeler
    Founder - Treesistance
  • dilmah
    cake "Niek embodies the DNA necessary for humanity's survival and makes his belief in a better future highly practical by sharing knowledge and connecting relevant people instantly. This is how we, at Dilmah Teas, were able to set up a collaboration with Treesistance in no time. Everything happened organically and intuitively, and, above all, from a big, warm heart."
    Soo Choi-Bosman
    CTO - Dilmah
  • cake

    "Niek has a true purpose driven drive. Speed is high and targets are clear. The beauty is that what he intends to do, he does."

    Stefan Ytterborn
    Founder - Cake
  • waterbear

    "Niek’s drive to make positive change is impressive - he has the stamina to go way further than the proverbial extra mile."

    Ellen Windemuth
    Founder - Waterbear

Thanks to our network partners we
protect and increase natural areas worldwide.


We take a unique approach to nature conservation for every member in our network. This enables collaboration as a unified ecosystem, connecting experts, businesses, and non-profit organisations to build symbiotic relationships. While these relationships may have different individual goals, their collective efforts all contribute to the shared objective of rewilding the planet.

Who are we?

On a mission to make global impact

With your support we increase the world’s wilderness.

WeFuture Global is a non-profit developing an international network dedicated to stimulate the preservation of the most important natural ecosystems on our planet by scaling personal and organisational high-impact solutions.

“Destroy nature and you destroy the economy…this is not some kind of a flower power, tree-hugging exercise…this is core economics…even if I couldn’t care less about the planet, even if I couldn’t care less about biodiversity, I would say the exact same things.” Frank Elderson,
- European Central Bank Exec Board Member