Our Mission

We are an international impact-driven agency providing solutions to our network partners with the aim to stimulate natural world conservation.




Rewild our planet by scaling individual and organisational impact



An open-source, decentralised and global network that develops, innovates and executes high-impact solutions that stimulates collectively the preservation of natural ecosystems

Our Philosophy is “Everything is Connected”

When it comes to solving global complex problems within our biosphere, just like interconnections observed in exact sciences, there is no single simple solution.

By breaking down complex problems into smaller problems, and by empowering individuals and organisations, we can restore and rewild the planet by increasing everyone’s positive impact on the biosphere.

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“WeFuture Global concerns an enthusiastic and professional group of young entrepreneurs who are goal-oriented and pragmatic and always go for 'the extra mile' to achieve the mutual goal.” Arthur's Legal

The Team

In order to achieve our objectives, we rely on innovative talent and high-level industry experience. The organisation based on holacracy benefits from invaluable assistance and direction from its supporters.



The management forms the leadership of the organisation, with its aim to represent all necessary disciplines, including the organisation's policies.

Niek Oldenburg

Executive Director

Jessica van den Ende

Head of Communications & Marketing

Duncan Prince

Creative Director

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has the responsibility to oversee the achievement of the objectives as realised by management, in its quest to safeguard the mission at all times.

Bente van Leeuwen


Timme Miedema


Joeri Schippers


Advisory Board

The advisory board, consisting of key advisers, supports the organisation in its quest for knowledge growth by bringing in the expertise of senior experts.

Pieter Hasselaar

Samir Lahiri

Meindert Brouwer

And a special thanks to
our volunteers that led us to where we are now…

  • Annabella Rijksen
  • Anne te Koppele
  • Arjen Visser
  • Chanté Ceronio
  • David Naudald
  • Dyando Stok
  • Eva Lunkenheimer
  • Fraser Lumb
  • Jakub Klimes
  • Johnno Spoolder
  • Katherina Krasowski
  • Karel Becvar
  • Kayleigh Ranzijn
  • Klimes Messios
  • Marlit Elsner
  • Melanie van Kooten
  • Melissa Lynch
  • Mick van der Veer
  • Nadia Zuidema
  • Nico van Kooten
  • Nikki Koningsbrugge
  • Tijs van der Werff
  • Tyler McDonald
  • Christopher Reusch