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To raise a future of impact-makers,
we start with empowering the individual.


Challenge Your Business

Businesses are a catalyst for social change, this workshop empowers you to lead your company and customers to a more sustainable future, today!

Who can attend and why they should?

This workshop is intended to challenge business owners and company employees to reflect on the sustainability issues that impact your corporation.

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Challenge Your World

Our workshops challenge attendees to become critical thinkers and create or improve practical sustainable models based around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Who can attend and why they should?

Students and trainees affiliated with academic institutions that want to become critical thinkers and world problem solvers at a micro-level.

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  • Bram
    “The workshop was very eye opening. The piece on palm oil showed that there are many products around us in which palm oil is consumed. Partly because of these workshops, I am more critical of what I buy in the supermarket.”
    Workshop Trainee - Bram
  • “...a very diverse and comprehensive event. This was particularly due to the speakers from all over the world.”
    Event Visitor - Tessa

Our Approach to our Services


17 SDGs

The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals help guide us through the various important social and environmental topics, ensuring our attendees develop a holistic and accurate understanding of sustainability.

Critical Skills Development

We use the art and science of adult learning (known as andragogy) combined with analytical and design thinking, innovation, and critical problem solving to challenge our workshop and event attendees.

Transparency and Integrity

From openly sharing our progress and service offering development to donating clear portions of our income to legitimate charities and initiatives, we are honest every step of the way.


When all members of society can represent their voices and ideas through open lines of communication; that’s when truly innovative solutions are created, supported, and sustained.

“WeFuture Global teaches the trainees to become better at complex problem solving by diving into world problems while working together in groups.”