Challenge Your Business

Businesses are a catalyst for social change, this workshop empowers you to lead your company and customers to a more sustainable future, today!

"We Challenge Your
Sustainable Business Lifestyle"

50% profit goes to the Amazon Rainforest

This workshop is intended to challenge business owners and company employees to reflect on the sustainability issues that impact your corporation, investigate how your business can do better, and develop sustainable methods to increase its positive impact on society and the environment.

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  • Bram
    “The workshop was very eye opening. The piece on palm oil showed that there are many products around us in which palm oil is consumed. Partly because of these workshops, I am more critical of what I buy in the supermarket.”
    Workshop Trainee - Bram
  • “...a very diverse and comprehensive event. This was particularly due to the speakers from all over the world.”
    Event Visitor - Tessa

Workshop Details

SDG focus points
Online: Remo Conference
In-person: Blijdorp Zoo, Haaienzaal
Business Type
Specific focus on tertiaire and quartaire sector. However, scalability is based on consultation with respective clients.

1. Welcome To The Jungle

  • Breakfast - Blue Zone Food

2. Boost Your System

  • Grow More Confidence
  • Balance Your Body Mind & Spirit
  • Breathe In Your Power
  • Learn The Martial Arts
  • Snack Break - Blue Zone Food

3. Rewild Your System

  • Hack Your Brain
  • Master Your Mental Health
  • Understand Your Existence
  • Sharpen Your Life Goals
  • Snack Break - Blue Zone Food
  • A walk in the jungle...

4. Innovate Your System

  • Value Your System Change
  • Maximize Your Swarming
  • Empower With Abundance
  • Digitise Your Impact
  • Lunch Break - Blue Zone Food

5. SDG Deep Dive

  • Play The Game
  • Explore Your Potentials
  • Build Your Brand
  • Target Your SDG

6. Forest Forces

  • Protect The Amazon Rain Forest
Focus Points

Health Benefits

  • Physical health
  • Mental health

Sustainable Integration

  • Future-proof Businesses
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social management

  • Team building
  • Personal development

Active learning and learning strategies

  • Andragogy (adult learning)
  • Positive psychology
Leaders / professionals

Jakub Klimes

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Niek Oldenburg

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Samir Lahiri

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Tim Boekhout van Solinge

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Pricing Packages



Timeframe / Session

8 Hours


Session 1:
  • Introduction
  • Boost Your System
  • Rewild Your System
  • Innovate Your Business
  • SDG Deep Dive
Investment Return

  • 4x Professionals
  • 1x Customized Promo Video
  • Partnership promotion
    • Website
    • Social medias
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Development Phase

To uphold our value of transparency and share our process with our network, we have outlined our development structure below, as well as indicated where this workshop offering is in its development.


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“The workshop leaders emphasized that there is no wrong idea (about conservation) and that you should not be afraid to speak your mind.” Celesta (17 years)

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