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An international organisation that develops a transparent, independent and science-based network dedicated to stimulate world conservation


WeFuture, a team of dedicated conservationists from all over the world, are developing a network chain that provides the fundamental base for change; transparent and integer collaboration through communication excellence.

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leaf Our Mission

Promote, connect and educate the private, public and civil sectors to stimulate global action and rewild our world.

leaf Our Vision

The long-term outlook is a trustworthy international chain of dedicated world conservationists, who co-create a spiderweb of global action that aims to rewild our lands and restore biodiversity. WeFuture functions as the spider in the web, sharing knowledge and expertise with the world’s leading people and organisations on world conservation.

Promote. Connect. Educate.


Together we can CHANGE OUR FUTURE

Within our environment we guide individuals and organisations in a new direction being challenged with new ways of thinking. In this process people and organisations are being encouraged to explore their own authentic qualities and sharpen their adaptability to function optimally in our rapidly changing society.

The WeFuture society: future proof collaboration.


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We believe that every single person can make a difference, including you. The world needs our help. We believe that we can maximise our achievements by working together.







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